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Why use patient experience data?

Patient experience is one of the three main pillars of quality of care, alongside safety and effectiveness. Evidence (see the box below) suggests that good patient experience is associated with better clinical safety and effectiveness, as well as improved staff morale and retention, lower operating costs and lower lengths of stay (‘organisational outcomes’).

When we’re looking at any kind of quality improvement, we need to be mindful that that the improvements are coming from actual patient experience.

Grant Mann
Charge nurse, clinical integration, University College London Hospital

Useful reading: evidence for the value of patient experience data

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Quality of care

Patient experience

Patient safety

Effectiveness of care

Source: Darzi A (2008) High Quality Care For All – NHS Next Stage Review Final Report. London: Department of Health, p 47

If we want to improve patient experience, it makes sense to find out what patients think, and to use this information constructively. The things that staff assume need to change may not match up with the things that matter most to patients.

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