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Schwartz Rounds as a CQUIN

09 May 2016


We have published guidance on how organisations can link the implementation of Schwartz Rounds to Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payments, based on the new NHS staff health and wellbeing CQUIN for 2016-17.

The health and wellbeing indicator is new and can bring in significant amounts of money to a trust if it can demonstrate that they are providing initiatives to support their staff.

Linking Schwartz Rounds to a CQUIN is a great way to ensure that the organisation is committed to providing the resources and training to embed Rounds.

The guidance could be of use to organisations who are already running Rounds or for those who are considering establishing them.  You can download the guidance here.

Dr Gita Bhutani has written a blog which provides a practical case study of how Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust attached part of their wellbeing CQUIN to the introduction and growth of Rounds.