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Facilitator and Clinical Lead Training

A clinical lead and at least two facilitators will be trained in each organisation. The clinical leads and facilitators have slightly different roles, but they both attend the same training.

The training is spread over two days, with a gap of a couple of months in between both training days. Day 1 takes place prior to facilitating Rounds and Day 2 takes places after experience of facilitating at least three Rounds.

  • Day 1 – includes an introduction to Rounds, topic generation, panel preparation, facilitation skills and a live Round
  • Day 2 – includes ideas for sustainability, advanced facilitation skills and further panel preparation skill

Experience suggests that Schwartz Rounds are more likely to be embedded successfully in organisations with more trained facilitators and clinical leads.

Online Training – COVID-19

As a result of restrictions on face-to-face meetings due to Covid-19, we are running an online version of Schwartz Rounds training instead. We hope to resume face-to-face training in the near future.

Our online training includes the following components:

Day 1 online training

  • An initial online learning event for your Schwartz steering group (only required for new Schwartz Rounds sites)
  • E-learning materials for facilitators to complete in their own time. Average of three hours to complete
  • A live one hour Q&A Session for facilitators with our trainers to ask any questions about completed e-learning modules (dates below)
  • A live three hour Experiential Session for facilitators with our trainers (dates below)
Q&A Sessions (1 hour) Experiential Sessions (3 hours)
30 September – 12pm 6 October – 9am
5 October – 9am 22 October – 12pm
20 October – 12pm

Day 2 online training

  • We are in the process of developing an online version of our Day 2 training.

How to book on for online training

To book on for our online training, please email  

Please note, to be able to book on for training, your organisation must have a Schwartz Rounds contract with us. More information about the process of signing up your organisation to run Schwartz Rounds can be found here.