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Schwartz Rounds

We support organisations to introduce Schwartz Rounds, a group reflective practice forum which provides an opportunity for staff from all disciplines to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work.

More about Schwartz Rounds

Hearing other people tell a similar story that resonates is very powerful

Medical Director Dr Sean Elyan describes the benefits of running Schwartz Rounds at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Speak to our team today

    Contact our Schwartz Programme Manager Aggie Rice to talk about setting up Schwartz Rounds

  • Origins of Schwartz Rounds

    Read about Ken Schwartz, whose touching story inspired the Schwartz Rounds

  • New Schwartz Round film

    See how a Round works in this short film

    2018 Schwartz Community Awards

    View nominated and winning entries from this year's Schwartz Community Awards