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Our work

Our programmes help to create open and compassionate organisational cultures and give individuals the tools and support to bring about radical change within their own workplaces

Heads of Patient Experience (HOPE) network

The HOPE network offers peer learning and support to members and provides an opportunity to learn from innovations and best practice

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Patient and family centred care (PFCC)

PFCC is a simple, low-technology health care quality improvement approach designed to tackle two parallel aspects of healthcare: processes of care and staff-patient interactions. Together, these have a profound effect on how patients and staff experience health care.

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Experience based co-design (EBCD)

EBCD is a radical improvement method for bringing patients and staff together as partners to identify and co-design service improvements.

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Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where all staff, clinical and non-clinical, come together regularly to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.

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