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About the Patient Experience programme

Our Patient Experience programme enables staff to step into patients’ shoes and see care through their eyes. Using tried, tested and effective tools and experiential techniques, the programme helps staff get as close to experiencing the patient’s journey as possible.

The work under our Patient Experience heading takes a range of forms, from open access courses offering practical skills development through to a formal accredited professional qualification. Our support in this area covers general training for individuals or bespoke training for teams or departments. 

Our Patient Experience work is built upon proven methodologies – Experience Based Co-Design (EBCD) and Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) – and we work with a strong faculty with broad experience of patient experience and co-design. 

We also publish a range of toolkits to support others to use the EBCD, PFCC and other patient experience methodologies. 

Our patient experience work is inspired by Keiran Sweeney (1951–2009), a GP and medical scholar who wrote about the need for a compassion-based understanding of medicine. He died of mesothelioma, and during his illness, wrote about his experiences, urgently calling for healthcare staff to improve the relational aspects of their care by considering the patient’s perspective and making changes accordingly.