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Schwartz Community Events 2020 – Online

17 September 2020 to 05 November 2020

As a result of restrictions on face-to-face meetings due to Covid-19, we are holding our Schwartz Community Events online this year.

Event details


Two free tickets for Schwartz sites


Click here to book your place

Whether you are a facilitator, administrator, clinical lead, steering group member or just a regular attender at Rounds in your organisation, we welcome you to join. The programme for each event will include a mixture of breakout sessions, opportunities for shared learning, and will feature a Live Round on the topic of Covid-19. The agenda for the day can be found here.

We have a range of dates and times available to choose from and each event will be 3 hours and 15 minutes long. Each Schwartz site has two free tickets available to one of the events:

  • Tues 29 September – 09:30-12:45
  • Wed 07 October –14:00-17:15
  • Thurs 15 October – 09:30-12:45
  • Wed 21 October – 14:00-17:15
  • Tues 27 October – 09:30-12:45
  • Thurs 05 November– 14:00-17:15

Additional Tickets

Each site has two free tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased for £30 per person at the link below: