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Schwartz community conferences

In 2016 we hosted two conferences in response to the Schwartz community’s feedback that more localised support would be helpful.

We held our first conference at Senate House in London on 27 October 2016, holding the second at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on 24 November 2016. Both conferences were a huge success, with 89% of delegates rating the conference either good or excellent in London, and 95% in Manchester.

As we begin to think about next year’s conferences and our plans for the Schwartz community in 2017, we are bearing all of the feedback in mind and look forward to the developments that lie ahead. If you would like to hear more about the 2016 conferences, then please download our full conference summaries below:

Download London summary

Download Manchester summary

Overall, both conferences were a great success:

“The range/diversity of speakers was excellent. It is a rarity that I feel so engaged across a full day. Lovely lunch! I liked the fact that there were more presentations than group work 🙂 The right balance!”

“A good mixture of networking – sharing experiences, feeling inspired, with respected experts, feeling rounds are valued/have a profile”

“Opportunity to listen, chat and learn new ideas as well as being inspired”

“Loved the awards and hearing the ‘powerful round’ stories! Very inspiring”

Though the conferences provided a fantastic opportunity for learning, they also provided an opportunity for staff to take a breather from the day job and get to know their Schwartz peers – and the ‘Schwartz snaps’ below, taken in our ‘Schwartz selfie booth’, definitely suggest that they had fun doing so!

img_8714 img_8731 img_8748 img_9679 img_9686 img_9691