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Schwartz Awards

About Schwartz Awards

Each year we recognise people and organisations from across the Schwartz Community with our Schwartz Awards, to highlight best practice and celebrate the achievements of the Schwartz Community. The Awards give individuals, teams and organisations the opportunity to creatively express and celebrate the development of Schwartz Rounds within their organisation, demonstrate why Rounds are valued, and give examples of where they have proved particularly powerful.

The awards are comprised of five categories:

Best Schwartz innovation
Creative examples of how Rounds have been implemented or sustained.

Most powerful Round
Demonstrations of Schwartz Rounds that were particularly powerful and moving.

Poster competition
Demonstrating the impact of Rounds and any ripple effects you may have noticed.

Photo competition
Capturing moments that represent the power of storytelling.

Schwartz Shining Star
People who have made inspiring contributions to any aspect of running Rounds in your organisation.

2021 Schwartz Awards (open for entries)

2020 Schwartz Awards

2019 Schwartz Awards

2016 and 2018 Schwartz Awards