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What you will do in the Sweeney Programme

This on-site masterclass programme can accommodate up to 30 learners from any clinical or non-clinical discipline, and will build capacity in improving care experiences in your organisation.  The programme includes:

  • Two one-day masterclasses
  • Each cohort of learners will have access to up to 20 hours of support from experienced improvement coaches over the 6 month programme period.
  • Our programmes are backed up by two webinars and provision of online resources.
  • Your cohort of learners will receive up to 35 hours of training and support over the course of the programme.
Day 1 Day 2
Discovering patients’ and families experience and creating urgency for change Getting your patient-centred improvement project off the ground and keeping it on track
Setting out your goals in improving patients’ and families’ experiences Translating patient experience insight into tangible improvements
Designing, collecting and interpreting measures for improvement Create functional and resilient improvement teams, ensuring that the key people are engaged in your project.


We are able to tailor our standard programme to dovetail with the other QI approaches used by your organisation.

Participants who get the most out of this programme attend in small teams of 3 or 4, with the broad scope of a project in mind. This means your teams can get to work on your improvement goals straight away. Learning will be sequential, so wherever possible, the same participants from each team should attend both masterclasses and webinars.

More information about how to get started

Sweeney programme roles

While it is necessary to have senior managerial and clinical support to make a long-term success of our programmes, our speciality is in equipping frontline teams with the skills and enthusiasm to succeed in running effective, patient-centred service design projects.

The best teams are multi-disciplinary, and include medical, nursing and other disciplines. We believe every part of the healthcare system has unique insights into the experience of patients and families. We welcome clinical and non-clinical colleagues from all levels within an organisation.