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Experience Based Co-design workshop

5 May 2017

Want to co-design your service with patients to make it more responsive to their needs?

Register now to attend our one day workshop where you will learn how to use the method to design a service which is high quality, compassionate and patient-centred.

Topics and programmes

Experience Based Co-design has been used in a wide range of settings, including A&E, mental health, cancer, stroke and learning disability services. We strongly encourage organisations to send two or more delegates, ideally including a patient leader.

Participants will receive:

  • one day intensive training in the co-design methodology led by some of the top trainers and practitioners in the field;
  • tuition in how to capture the experiences of patients, carers and staff through discussion, observation and filmed interviews;
  • access to real life examples of successful co-design projects;
  • practical instruction and exercises to prepare them for their redesign project;
  • comprehensive study materials and practical guidelines.

The course builds on the CPD accredited Experienced Based Co-design toolkit, which we developed at The King’s Fund. For more information please contact Angus Wiltshire.