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EBCD Online Recordings Package

The Point of Care Foundation has been running Experience Based Co-Design workshops for the last 10 years. At these events, participants are taught how to draw on the experiences of patients, carers and staff to identify where change is needed and then to design and implement improvements together.

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven rapid changes in the way services are delivered. What we are now hearing though, is that in the midst of a fast-paced response to the crisis, patients and service users were left behind and not involved in the change process.

As services begin to re-start post COVID, it will be vital to re-focus on the experiences of patients and service users, as well as those delivering care.

How can we help?

We have transformed our successful one-day Experience Based Co-design training programme, to be delivered in 4 one-and-a-half hour online sessions. We will guide you through the EBCD process and offer online support.

What participants gain from the programme: 

  • Virtual structured training in patient-centred service design techniques that you will come back to again and again
  • Tuition in how to capture the experiences of patients, carers and staff through discussion, observation, and filmed interviews (including options for doing this remotely)
  • Access to real life examples of successful co-design projects
  • Comprehensive study materials and practical guidelines
  • Ongoing support throughout your project.

Who can benefit?

The beauty of co-design is that all sorts of people can be involved in whatever way suits them. This can range from leading a project or sitting on a steering group, to sharing their experience of giving or receiving care, or being part of a small co-design team. The discipline or level is not important – only the commitment to working collaboratively to make experiences better for staff, patients and families.

Recordings package

To enable the course to be accessible to those who are unable to attend the live sessions we have created a recordings package which includes:

  • recordings of each of the four live sessions
  • copies of all learning materials including pre-recorded lectures
  • continual email support
  • a private follow up session with a member of the EBCD faculty to discuss your specific project and any particular questions which have arisen from the course content

Programme Outline

Session 1: Setting up a co-design project

  • An overview of Experience Based Co-design – its history and process
  • Getting a co-design project off the ground and keeping it on track
  • Managing stakeholder relationships and communications
  • Establishing the co-design team with an emphasis on sustainability

Session 2: The discovery phase in co-design

  • Starting with the end in mind – case studies in co-design
  • The discovery phase – an overview of the purpose and process
  • Using observation in co-design
  • Engaging staff and gathering experiences
  • Engaging service users, carers and families and gathering experiences
  • Face to face and virtual options for the discovery phase.

Session 3: The analysis phase in co-design

  • Purpose and process in the analysis phase
  • Making sense of qualitative data from the co-design process
  • Thematic analysis of interviews and narratives
  • Generating themes from qualitative analysis
  • Verifying co-design data – online and face to face options for staff and patient/carer family “events”

Session 4: The co-design phase

  • Purpose and process in co-design
  • The co-design process in normal times – designing and carrying out a successful co-design event
  • The co-design process in COVID times – designing and carrying out a successful co-design activities when face to face meetings are not possible
  • How to work in small, time limited, focused co-design groups – some options
  • Closing the loop – demonstrating impact, celebrating success, and linking into the QI process.


The recordings package costs £350.

Booking and key dates

As we now have a number of EBCD Online Courses under our belt we can provide recordings from a previous course rather than needing to align your booking with a “live course”. This means you can sign up for the recordings package at any point.

You will receive access to all of the recordings and materials from each of the live sessions.  You will also have the opportunity to send any questions via email and/or follow up in your private follow up session which will be arranged for a convenient date/time for you.

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