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Ioanna Xenophontes

Learning and Development Specialist: Patient Experience & Involvement Programmes


Ioanna is the Learning and Development Specialist for patient experience and Sweeney programmes. She works with the wider patient experience team to design and deliver open and bespoke learning programmes.

After working for the Point of Care Foundation for several years as an Associate, Ioanna joined the Point of Care in this full-time role in 2021.  Prior to joining, Ioanna worked since 2014 as a lived experience practitioner, facilitator, and researcher for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and external partners. It was in this role that she took part in her first Experience-based Co-design project.

She is an advisor to the International Journal of Art Therapy and lectures at several universities on art therapy, nursing, and clinical psychology training. Prior to 2014, Ioanna worked within managerial roles in the print industry.

Ioanna is passionate about arts therapies, person-centred care, and social inclusion.