The Point of Care Foundation.

The Foundation is an independent charity working to improve patients' experience of care and increase support for the staff who work with them.

Research tells us that how staff feel about their work shapes patients’ experience of care.

Our vision is patients at the heart of the healthcare system. We believe a truly patient-centred approach – focussed on listening, understanding and responding to the needs of the whole individual – is essential to the delivery of the best possible quality of care.

The Point of Care Foundation aims to become a leading source of information and practical solutions for health and care providers. Our work has grown out of the Point of Care programme at The King’s Fund (2007-2013) and maintains an evidence-based approach.


Tue, 30th Sep, 2014

Fascinating lectures on what is happening to the part 'care' of healthcare & why @cen4resilience @CamplingPenny @iona_heath @nursingpolicy

Empathy: The human connection to patient care

A Schwartz Center Round® at St Joseph's Hospice